Brickyard Educational Farm Hosts Area Students

The county is still reviewing the responses to the Brickyard RFP and the future of the site remains undecided.

While , the Brickyard Educational Farm has started accepting student visitors to the property.

Students from visited the farm in the beginning of March as part of a series of lessons geared toward personal health. The Extended Day Lower School, made up of Bullis students between third and fifth grade, enjoyed a morning of hands-on learning about the food supply chain and how food makes its way to the dinner plate, according to Keri Taylor, coordinator of the school's extended day program.

"Sophia Maravell and her team at Nick's Organic Farm reinforced our lessons by providing the expertise and knowledge to make our program a success," Taylor said.

The students' day at the farm included a photosynthesis relay race, where kids acted out the energy cycle of plant growth, a hands-on demonstration of corn harvesting and some fresh popped popcorn made from the organic corn gown on the farm.
"The students enjoyed themselves immensely because the educational program at Nick's Organic Farm was active and hands-on," Taylor said. "The program was tailored to reinforce our wellness program, which made it educationally beneficial to us."

The Bullis School Extended Day program is looking for more opportunities for students to visit the farm. Several Girl Scout troops have made their way through the educational farm since the beginning of the month, as well.

Sophia Maravell and the other coordinators of the educational farm say their goal is to host one group of students every week through May, and then at least two groups a week through the summer months.


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