Civil Cigar Lounge Booms—and Puffs—With Business

Chevy Chase Pavilion's new cigar lounge is 'surprisingly diverse,' Eater DC reported.


Chevy Chase's new cigar lounge—the Civil Cigar Lounge, inside the recently remodeled Chevy Chase Pavilion—is up and running, and the clientele has turned out to be "surprisingly diverse," Eater DC reported.

"On any given night, we're averaging 35 percent, 40 percent women," co-owner Matt Krimm told Eater DC, so it's a far cry from being a stodgy men's club, which might be more stereotypical for a cigar lounge.

The 93-seat lounge opened on Jan. 14 and features a full bar serving top-shelf whiskies, scotches and unique cocktails, Chevy Chase Patch reported last month.

The lounge has lengthy menus for cigars, wines, spirits and food. Edibles are prepared in the kitchen of neighboring restaurant Range, celebrity chef Bryan Voltaggio's latest creation.

"The bar sees a happy hour crowd, neighborhood residents, diners leaving Range for a nightcap, businessmen and cigar aficionados alike," Eater DC added.

Co-owner John Anderson hopes to introduce a sort of cigar cart—like a dessert cart—"where the individual smokes will be physically present rather than just names on a menu so that a guest can see and touch just what he or she is choosing," Cigar Aficionado reported.

The decor—like the cigars and spirits—was chosen with care. "Civil benefits from the use of 'P.E.D.’s,' in this case, Puff Enhancing Décor, Design and Determination," with tall leather stools at the bar and high-backed, burgundy leather chairs in the lounge, Cigar Aficionado added.

And the ventilation system is state-of-the-art, "replacing 100 percent of the air every two minutes. Advanced ductwork under the floor and an oversize air-handler ensure that both smokers and nonsmokers are at their most comfortable," according to a Civil statement, Patch reported.

Have you tried out the new Civil Cigar Lounge? If so, what did you think? Tell us in the comments.


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