'Gourmet' Lists Founding Farmers as Healthy Option

The Potomac restaurant is named as one of the Top 10 healthy restaurants in the nation.

Known for its seasonal flavors and commitment to local farmers, has been a popular Potomac restaurant since they opened earlier this month.

Gourmet listed the DC-based eatery as one of the healthiest restaurants in the nation, stacking it up against restaurants in California, New York, Texas, Utah and more.

According to blogger Jessica, of Jess Runs, who wrote about the restaurant on Gourmet:

Founding Farmers is one of my favorite restaurants because they offer a delicious variety of seasonal foods and are committed to getting their ingredients from local farmers whenever possible. The restaurant serves a popcorn of the day, with such flavors as spicy buffalo, savory rosemary, and sweet cinnamon sugar. You’ll also find healthy options like salmon, flatbreads, and fresh salads, but my favorite dish is the roasted vegetable and avocado sandwich, which comes with creamy goat cheese, eggplant, and peppers.

So what do you think: Is Founding Farmers healthy? What is the healthiest option on the menu?


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