Local Fashionista Talks Holiday Fashion on a Budget

How to stay on-trend and keep the personal touches when shopping for the perfect holiday outfit.


Holiday parties mean holiday outfits – sparkling fashion to dazzle office co-workers, family, friends and frenemies. The right outfit, or the wrong outfit, can set the tone for the next year. Did you show up to an ugly sweater party wearing black-tie attire last year? Not sure how to impress on a budget this year? Dying to wear sequins but not over-do it?

We asked a local consignment shop manager, Bethesda’s Amanda DeSanto of the newly opened Current Boutique, for some guidelines.

Patch: When shopping for the perfect holiday outfit on a budget what are some things customers should keep in mind?

Amanda DeSanto: First and foremost, keep in mind the type of event you are shopping for. In a well-organized and modern consignment shop you should be able find almost anything for any occasion at different price points. I think that you should go all out for the holidays if the event permits... have fun! You can always get a timeless piece for every day wear, but the holidays are special so look for something fun and unique, which you are sure to find in a great consignment shop!

Patch: What looks are on trend this winter season? How can shoppers keep a personal style while shopping on trend?

DeSanto: Layering is always on trend! This season cropped, boxy sweaters are being layered over everything from longer/loose tops and high-waisted pants to dresses. I like to stress the importance of maintaining a sense of your personal style while shopping on trend. Sprinkling in trendy items and accessories with what you already have in your closet is a great way to do just that. Remember to buy what you love and think of trendy items as accents. Never force a trend.

Patch: What are you wearing this season?

DeSanto: I am wearing tons of booties and warm, chunky sweaters. The rust/pumpkin color trend has also been a fresh change of pace for me. It feels cozy as well as being a color we haven't seen a lot of in a long time. We have a ton of rust/pumpkin dresses here at Current Boutique right now...all of dresses are right on trend for this season! I also love a silky, flowy printed blouse...tucked in or left gently draping. With anything I always love to add a fun piece of jewelry, like earrings or a statement necklace. Our jewelry selection is hand selected to suit any mood or outfit so it’s easy to find that finishing touch!

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Patch: Sparkles -- yea or nay?

DeSanto: Yay to sparkles! You can never have too much sparkle during the holidays! You can do as much or as little as you want...but find a way to throw it in your outfits!

Patch: Reindeer sweaters -- in or out? 

DeSanto: I would have to say reindeer sweaters, as with all holiday sweaters, are out! Unless you are going to an ugly sweater party, in which case go crazy! You can certainly play on the cheesy holiday trend by wearing a northern style sweater or a more updated animal sweater, just remember to keep it Current!

What are your holiday plans? Tell us in the comments!



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