Potomac’s Founding Farmers Anticipates Fall Opening

The newest Founding Farmers plans to open its doors at Park Potomac during the last week of October.

Dining out today is about more than enjoying good food and company in a pleasant atmosphere. More and more often, the dining experience incorporates organic foods and seasonal products from regional producers with the goal to bring the freshest ingredients to the plate with as little delay as possible.

Founding Farmers restaurants are dedicated to that mission, using local sources whenever possible and feasible.

The newest Founding Farmers restaurant is Potomac’s Founding Farmers. Originally slated to open mid-September, the opening is now anticipated for sometime during the last week of October.

Setting an opening day is, “never an exact science,” said Jennifer Motruk Loy, director of marketing and public relations for Founding Farmers. 

“It was 15 to 18 months out when we first made the announcement about the restaurant coming to Park Potomac," Loy said. "The very big picture goal was to have it align with the anniversary of the Founding Farmers D.C. location, but we’ll be within a month and a few days of that, which is pretty good considering the size of the restaurant and all the elements that are going into it.”

The new restaurant will face the promenade area. There will be seating for over two hundred people inside, with an additional 80 seats outside.

“We are thrilled to bring this concept to Potomac, and the restaurant will truly feel like it was created to be there,” said Founding Farmers Concept Developer and Managing Partner Dan Simons.

Much of the experience, atmosphere and flavors of the original will be in place, “but with the distinction of character that comes from different menu selections and spaces,” Simons said.

The firm that designed the D.C. restaurant also designed Potomac’s Founding Farmers. “It’s kind of exciting to do the second [restaurant] using the same concept and making it fresh again,” said Lead Designer, Architect Allison Cooke of CORE Architecture + Design in Washington, D.C.

Elements meeting the requirements for LEED Certification were incorporated in the design. “We maintained the necessary records during the design and construction,” Cooke said. “We’ll be applying for LEED Certification.”

Developed by the U.S. Green Building Council in 2000, meeting LEED standards results in buildings that are better for worker health and the environment.

All this time and effort will result in a new dining space that brings the fresh, high-quality ingredients to a space designed to meet the needs and character of the diners. By early October, most of the menu will be online for a peek.  

“We can’t wait to share it with the community,” Simons said.


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