Report: Neiman Marcus Reports Cybersecurity Breach; More Stores Could Follow

First Target, then Neiman Marcus. Next: Possibly three or more stores could report cybersecurity breaches, CBS News reported.

There is a Neiman Marcus in Friendship Heights. Photo credit: Laura L. Thornton.
There is a Neiman Marcus in Friendship Heights. Photo credit: Laura L. Thornton.
Is Neiman Marcus going the way of Target?

Maybe not in the quality of its merchandise, but perhaps with respect to a cybersecurity breach that, Neiman Marcus announced last weekend, took place in December.

Washington Business Journal reported Monday that a data breach could have "compromised the personal information of possibly up to 1 million of its customers," according to the Journal.

"As with the Target fiasco, Neiman's cyber thieves may have stolen customers' credit and debit card information," the Journal reported.

Meanwhile, Target said last week that 70 million customers—up from an earlier figure of 40 million—had credit card numbers, email addresses, expiration dates and even debit card PINs stolen, Patch reported.

And, the Journal reported that, as of Monday morning, Target reported that more than 100 million Target shoppers' credit and debit card information may have been compromised last month.

According to Reuters, at least three other stores' cybersecurity networks were breached during the holiday shopping season, but those stores have not yet been named. 

Are all of these data breaches related?

"They very well could be related," Shawn Henry, president of Crowdstrike Services, told CBS News. "Oftentimes we see these organized crime groups operating out of the former Soviet Union that are looking to target companies that maintain large swaths of data and these attacks seem to be somewhat similar indicating there could be some relation," he said, CBS News reported.

Near Potomac, there is a Neiman Marcus store at the Mazza Gallerie, at 5300 Wisconsin Ave. NW, Washington, DC (on the DC-Chevy Chase border).

What store do you think could be next? Does this news make you want to start paying by cash or check? Tell us in the comments.


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