Are We Ignoring Results?

Dan Bongino is the Republican nominee for United States Senate in Maryland. His campaign website is www.Bongino.com.

There is an old saying which states “liberal policies care about the poor in theory- it’s the real poor they have a problem with”. Having spent many years in poverty as a child, I am intimately familiar with the pain of hunger and the burning desire for a better tomorrow. I will not be lectured by elites about their intentionally cryptic notions of “fairness”. It is my personal relationship with a past filled with painful memories of waking up hungry and the realization that it wasn’t just a bad dream that motivates me to confront an ideology that has imprisoned generations in an endless state of poverty. This sentence, imposed by decades of bureaucratic mismanagement, is marketed to the disadvantaged among us as a “gift” from self-anointed political philanthropists.

I refuse to accept the misguided notion, blindly propagated by institutional elites, that the political party best representing the interests of struggling lower income communities is the liberal wing of the Democratic party. When I analyze the issues I encounter most on the campaign trail, the economy and healthcare, I am deeply troubled by the quality issues in our prize city of Baltimore.

The Baltimore economy has been struggling to attract new businesses for decades. An exodus of tens of thousands of its citizens has not helped, as those leaving have taken their intellectual capital with them. A litany of new taxes and a “bureaucracy first, people second” approach to governing has led to an environment where the remaining citizens are viewed simply as tools to support the bureaucracy rather than the inverse. A well written op-ed piece by Steve Hanke and Stephen Walters in the Wall Street Journal on this very subject uses this stunning statistic which sums up the utter failure of Baltimore’s reliance on liberal economic ideology, “in 1950, the city’s median income was 7% above the national average. Today it is 22% below it.”

To add to the economic absurdity, the Mayor of Baltimore has now raised the “temporary” bottle tax, as if the chimerical dreams of a flourishing economy and streams of tax revenue were simply being subdued by the tax rate and not the underlying economic principles. We as Republicans must walk proudly into these communities, as I regularly do, and profess our ideas for growth, which are blind to socioeconomic class. I refuse to accept that a proud city, with infrastructure, public transit, access to the northeast corridor, a world class port and proximity to another major metropolitan area (Washington D.C.), should be relegated to a second class economy. I will not stand idle, while the good citizens of this great city are subjected to another minute of this “ignore the results” ideology.

With thousands of struggling lower income citizens utilizing Medicaid as a primary means of seeking access to healthcare, and ever increasing enrollment into the program, one would think, absent the facts, that the program serves the poor well. With their numerous speeches about “fairness” and “equality” it is easy to see why so many are misled. However, when we look again at the actual results of their “generosity” with our money, the story changes dramatically. An oft quoted University of Virginia study has shed light on the results on this program. The statistic that should ring alarm bells reads, a Medicaid recipient is 97% more likely to die after surgery than a person with private insurance. Wait, it gets much worse, a Medicaid recipient is 13% more likely to die after surgery than a person with no insurance at all. In what dictionary does this suffice as a definition of “help”?

With this piece I ask, rather I implore those at the lower end of the socioeconomic scale; please vote for change in 2012. Please allow us a shot at repairing decades of damage to your economy, your education system and your access to quality healthcare. Vote for change and hold us accountable. The worst possible outcome would be more of the same and you have a subsequent election to change it back if dissatisfied. Please stop going on blind dates in the voting booth. I will not stop sounding the siren and will fight for every vote in every Maryland community. And for those who continue to tell me I am wasting my time I ask you, “what are you doing to fight for those who need us most?”

Dan Bongino is the Republican nominee for United States Senate in Maryland

His campaign website is www.Bongino.com

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Ron Pagano August 12, 2012 at 07:02 PM
Pt 3 of my post: ALSO, the UoV study has been usurped as incorrect & incomplete by a Harvard U study, published in the NE Journal of Medicine. According to the NY Times, It conclusively showed that Medicaid does save lives, especially compared with having no insurance at all. So, the final message here? Caveat lector = reader beware: If a letter to the editor sounds like, looks like & smells like campaign literature, it probably is! BTW, I am NOT a Cardin campaign worker! OK...NOW I'm done! ;)
Judith Moylan-Forman August 12, 2012 at 09:06 PM
Also Ron, The U of Va study's lead author, Dr. Damian La Par, M.D. , has subsequently written himself that their research had "several noteworthy limitations" and was "flawed." The Washington Times, and its' columnist/physician Dr. Milton Wolf, have pushed this flawed U of Va study to attack the health care policies of the Obama administration.
Amy Leahy August 13, 2012 at 02:29 PM
@Theresa Defino - I spoke with Dan about the article and he mentioned to me he specifically did not address the 'solutions' in this post. It was so long he decided to write another one to address those ideas. Perhaps I should say something about your "elites" comment. To begin, the definition of elite: adjective: 1. (of a person or class of persons) considered superior by others or by themselves, as in intellect, talent, power, wealth, or position in society: elitist country clubbers who have theirs and don't care about anybody else. 2. catering to or associated with an elitist class, its ideologies, or its institutions: Even at such a small, private college, Latin and Greek are under attack as too elitist. noun: 3. a person having, thought to have, or professing superior intellect or talent, power, wealth, or membership in the upper echelons of society: He lost a congressional race in Texas by being smeared as an Eastern elitist. 4. a person who believes in the superiority of an elitist class. The U.S. Secret Service is considered to be an elite organization to work for, no doubt. They come by that because of the job they perform and also the skills and talent one needs to be selected for the job. Dan's use of the words "institutional elites" clearly refers to people who have an attitude of elitism, as defined in the #1 definition.
Amy Leahy August 13, 2012 at 02:57 PM
I get so disheartened reading these comments from the liberal Democrats! Honestly, we throw more money at the schools and they get worse; we throw more money into the bay and it gets dirtier; we spend more money on social programs and we increase the numbers of people living in poverty; we extend the amount of time one can spend getting unemployment and then tell them they do not have to go out and look for a job; we spend millions on making it easier for people to vote (early voting, register to vote online; register at the MVA) but cry that our schools need more money; we don't have money for the bay, schools, the disadvantaged, the poor, the babies, police, fire, BUT we can spend many millions on THREE special sessions because our Democrat governor and Democrat legislators didn't get what they wanted during the regular sessions. ....when is enough, well....enough? The fact that there is a candidate out there who says he will not play those games has just got the liberal's panties in a collective wad.
Amy Leahy August 25, 2012 at 11:14 PM
Rusty the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results....THAT would be your "friend" Ben (Cardin). Dan, unlike our POTUS and Cardin, doesn't have a history of playing the political game. He is not in this race to make a career of politics but for the future of his children (and your grandchildren).


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