U.S. Blood Supply Hits 15-Year Low

Here's how you can help locally.

The American Red Cross’ blood reserve is at its lowest in 15 years, USA Today reports.

The supply has hit a low due to severe weather earlier this summer, which caused many blood drives to be canceled. Summer is typically a slow time for blood donations, according to the Red Cross.

"We just aren't seeing the donors coming through the door right now," Red Cross spokeswoman Karen Stecher told USA Today.

The Red Cross reached emergency levels June 25, with 50,000 fewer donations than expected in June. There are half as many blood products readily available today as at the same time last year.

Locally, on Kentsdale Drive in Potomac, will host an Inova Blood Donor Services drive in October. Inova supplies blood to 15 hospitals in the D.C. metro area, and is in need of all blood types, especially the following: O positive, O negative, A negative, B negative, and AB negative.

To sign up for the October blood drive, contact Richard Sinatra at sinatrar@verizon.net.

The American Red Cross regularly accepts donations at the  Gaithersburg Blood Donation Center, 501 N. Frederick Avenue,  and in Rockville at 11820 Parklawn Drive. Call 1-800-RED CROSS to make an appointment.

To find more blood drives, visit the Red Cross website.


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