Nick's Farm Supporters Rally In Rockville

Nearly 80 agriculture supporters gathered in Rockville near the county office buildings to show support for Nick's Organic Farm.


D.C.-area residents, spread from the city to Silver Spring, to Rockville and Potomac gathered Wednesday night to show support for Nick's Organic Farm, the Brickyard Educational Farm and local agriculture.

Nearly 80 agriculture supporters rallied to challenge the county's recent decision to lease the Brickyard Middle School property, the site of a locally owned organic farm for over 30 years, to .

Event-organizer and Nick's Farm activist Sara Shor introduced 10 speakers to the crowd, including Nick Maravell and local agriculture representatives, MSI participants and Montgomery County students and teachers. Each voiced support for Nick's Organic Farm and the Brickyard Educational Farm, while questioning the benefits of building soccer fields at the site.

"[Nick Maravell] understands that we must love the earth by caring for it and not exploiting it," said Colman McCarthy, a former Washington Post columnist and current teacher at Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School. "Henry David Thoreau taught that, Gandhi taught that, Rachel Carson taught that and so now does Nick Maravell. He is a steward, a teacher and a prophet."

McCarthy expressed support for the educational farm and said he hopes to bring his class to visit the site in the fall.

organic friend May 31, 2012 at 02:00 PM
I loved hearing from The Audubon Society, the Montgomery Countryside Alliance and Food & Water Watch, as well as Coleman McCarthy. One of the messages that really struck me was the MSI soccer Mom, speaking as supporter of MSI and telling MSI not to build at Brickyard, that there are alot of fields that need attention and are even dangerous, causing injury, to spend their money fixing them. She also said she felt that MSI has mis-represented the Brickyard site to MSI's mailing list in order to garner support and she wants MSI to stop and tell the truth. Please, Mr Leggett, see who are standing up...these are not wild eyed NIMBY's, these are soccer loving caring people who choose a unique educational and organic seed farm, not pay for play here on a school site.


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