Potomac Patch Holiday Survival Guide

When the shopping gets tough, we’ve got the ideas to keep your gift-giving on track.

As much as many of us like to complain of Christmas and Thanksgiving saturation on the airwaves and in the malls, it’s impossible to deny: The holidays are here, and with them come expectations of thoughtfulness and cheer that could exhaust even the merriest of elves.

During difficult economic times, Patch is here to remind you that it is the thought that counts. Gift-giving can be a challenge, yes, but it can also be fun.

Browse through this holiday guide for inspiration each week as we update with posts from local artists and businesses, including the latest sales, with recipes and directions for homemade gifts and testimonials from local moms, dads, guys and gals about what they’re hoping to receive this year.

For the times when you’ve tried to wow Dad with everything from power tools to neat little ecospheres featuring miniature, living shrimp; for when your fashionable sister has more bedazzled, bejeweled and be-sparkled items than Marie Antoinette; for when your foodie friends have more kitchen gadgets than the human culinary experience could possibly require, or for the days that you would rather cut off your left foot than brave the crowds starting to rush Bethesda Row and other area shopping centers – we’re here for you.

What would you like to see posted to our holiday guide? Tell us in the comments!


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