Moms Talk: Best Customer Service in Potomac

Our Moms Council highlights some of the local businesses that think the customer is king.

In a fast-passed community, many Potomac residents may be bouncing around town running errands, heading to and from work or grabbing a quick meal. But even in the hurry, patrons still appreciate one thing—good customer service.

To get a better scope of how customer service ranks in Potomac, we turned to the to get their input about some of the local businesses with good customer service.

But the list doesn’t end here. Be sure to add your opinion in the comment section below.

I have recently had one customer service experience that just blew me away. All of a sudden I noticed that our one year old child's first pair of shoes, which had been bought at the in the Cabin John Mall, seemed too small. The shoes were literally only four weeks old and I was more alarmed than amazed that he had already outgrown them (I mean seriously?!).  

We went back to Shoe Train and the gentleman who helped us agreed right off the bat that the shoes were too small and measured my son for a new pair. When we walked into the store I fully expected to pay for a new pair of shoes, so I was shocked when the salesman apologized for their fitting error the first time around and told me they would replace the shoes with a larger pair free of charge.  

Now, my husband points out that in doing this the Shoe Train has made a lifelong customer out of me so it was a good business decision for them. But I say, I don't care what their motivations are—I am really impressed that they stood by their shoe fitting guarantee.

I was not the customer in this case but this story is just too nice not to repeat. While I was standing at the Customer Service desk at the Harris Teeter waiting for them to blow up two balloons for my children, someone called the store looking for a lost roast. Apparently, between checkout at the store and arriving at home the roast had gone missing.  

Now I don't know what happened to that roast, maybe it never made it into the cart, maybe it didn't make it out of the cart, I can't say. But I was very impressed when, with no hesitation, the clerk standing in front of me on the phone said to the caller, in a very nice way, "The roast is probably tonight's dinner and I don't want to ruin dinner. Let me have someone bring it to you."  

As we were loading up our own groceries into our car the same clerk walked past us, bag in one hand and what looked like an address in the other. I was quite pleased to see customer service alive and well!

Potomac businesses where I find great customer service include the Giant at Cabin John Shopping Center, and the carryout order guy.

: I find the staff really friendly, helpful and knowledgeable.

Walgreens Pharmacy: The head of the pharmacy there—ah, I can't recall her name—is so nice, friendly and helpful. She knows our kids and always asks about them and is very pleasant to deal with. It might be that she knows us that well because we were there on a weekly basis for about two months in a row this winter becuase our three kids kept sharing colds/coughs! Either way, I think the customer service there is far better than other pharmacies nearby.

Bethesda Pediatrics in Cabin John Shopping Mall: We've been very pleased with the front office staff there and the doctors andnurses. When your kids arrives home at 3:30 p.m. from school with an earache, and you call and you're in there seeing the doctor within a half hour, that's good customer service in my book. (And, see note above, we were in there many, many times this past winter.)

My Pottery Place in Cabin John Shopping Mall: I think the owner is very pleasant and helpful. Last year we started a big pottery project, had to leave it unfinished because our youngest kids weren't going to sit still long enough to get it all done and he kept it for us for MONTHS until I found the time to finish it up. We've painted pottery there several times and I've always found the owner very helpful and pleasant.


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