Water Rate Increase, Council Salaries, Rapid Bus Network on Montgomery County Council, Planning Agenda

Planning Board schedule, zoning amendment and study into top county salaries top Oct. 9 agenda.

The Montgomery County Council gets back to work Tuesday after a two-week break, taking on an amendment to the Commercial/Residential Zone, a study of salaries for councilmembers, the county executive, sheriff and state's attorney, and its twice-annual meeting on the County Planning Board's work schedule.


  • Zoning text amendment on the CR Zone. The council will decide whether proximity to a MARC station should meet the requirements for parking and mass transit requirements. The Town of Kensington supports MARC stations qualifying, but property owners there say that doing so would undermine the Kensington sector plan.
  • Support Wheaton-Long Branch-Silver Spring for a Community Legacy Grant
  • Support use of state funds to rehabilitate Tanglewood and Sligo Hill apartment complexes in Silver Spring
  • Approve the transfer of $1.8 million for MCPS projects
  • Approve three appointments to the county’s Disability Arbitration Board: John Monahan, M. David Vaughn and Barbara Franklin


  • Creation of a committee to study the salaries for members of the county council, county executive, sheriff and state’s attorney
  • Creation of a food recovery work group--Councilwoman Valerie Ervin’s initiative to coordinate and enhance the ability of non-profits to give food to low-income residents


  • A recommendation to increase the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission rate by 8 percent. The council expects to settle the rate increase on Oct. 16, so that Montgomery and Prince George’s can agree by Nov. 1.

The council will also have its twice-annual meetings with the Montgomery Business Development Corporation and the County Planning Board.

The Planning Board meeting will update the council on the study for a countywide rapid-bus network and on the revision of the county's zoning ordinance, which is on track to present to the council for approval in December. The Planning Board will also hash over its work schedule of updates to master plans and sector plans:

  • Chevy Chase Lake – January 2013
  • Long Branch – May 2013
  • Countywide Transit Corridors – June 2013
  • Glenmont – July 2013
  • White Oak Science Gateway – September 2013
  • Gaithersburg East (Montgomery Village) – December 2014
  • White Flint Phase II – February 2015
  • Lyttonsville – February 2015
  • Westbard – March 2015
  • Aspen Hill – June 2015
  • Bethesda – July 2015
  • BRT Land Use – December 2015


  • Silvia Rodriguez-Macdonald being named as a “Champions of Change”
  • The 40th Anniversary of Interfaith Works
  • White Cane Safety Day


Note: The council meeting is scheduled to start at 9:30 a.m. in the council hearing room at 100 Maryland Ave., Rockville, MD. Call 240 777-7803 to testify. The meeting is also televised live on CCM Channels Comcast 6, RCN 6, Verizon 30. For more information, go to www.montgomerycountymd.gov/council.

Bill Hussein O'Stalin October 09, 2012 at 10:31 AM
The state just passed a raft of tax increases including a flush tax. Response from local politicians? Quick, before the public notices vote ourselves and other government officials a pay raise in an economy that is staggering on it's feet. Let's hope no one notices or cares!
Fran Asbeck October 09, 2012 at 10:52 AM
Bravo, Bill H. O'S. These CouncilCrittters, who burden us with more picayune rules than did 1930's Germany inflict on its people, still haven't found the time to repeal the prohibition against selling a Christmaas Tree before December 5th. No raises till they get off our backs! And then none till; they prove their worth.
Bob Hydorn October 09, 2012 at 01:24 PM
I have sent the following letter to the County Council requesting that they not delay the Gaithersburg East /Montgomery Village Master Plan. October 8, 2010 The Honorable Roger Berliner President, Montgomery County Council Stella B. Warner Council Building 100 Maryland Avenue Rockville, Maryland 20850 Dear President Berliner, On Behalf of the MVF Board of Directors, I am writing to request that the County Council, when considering an update to the planning Departments work Program, not delay for a second time the Gaithersburg East / Montgomery Village Master Plan from proceeding in 2013.
Bob Hydorn October 09, 2012 at 01:25 PM
PART 2 OF LETTER TO COUNTY COUNCIL Our community worked very hard to prepare its Vision 2030 report in time so that it would nicely coordinate with the original master plan start date of May2012. Then, that date was delayed until mid-2013. It is with great disappointment that we learn of the potential of another delay to update the Gaithersburg East/Montgomery Village Master Plan, which could be as long as nine months. It is our concern that over time these delays may cause our community’s Vision 2030 effort to be less relevant. The MVF Vision 2030 effort, which included MVF hiring a land use planner to hold a number of charrettes in the community and to facilate important community discussions about the future of land use in Montgomery Village, was a precursor to the formal master plan process which would be managed by the Planning Department. Attached is a brochure on the MVF Vision 2030 process, which summarizes the work of the community. It is very important to our community that the County Council not delay the Gaithersburg East/Montgomery Village Master Plan again so that important planning issues in the Village can be addressed sooner rather than later. Sincerely, Bob Hydorn President Montgomery Village Foundation


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