Speak Out: What Does Potomac Think About Gun Control?

Tell us your response to the recent op-ed titled "Pretend Gun Laws."

A recent op-ed piece on Potomac Patch has sparked conversation about where gun rights fit within American society.

John Harrison of Potomac, an adjunct professor at Georgetown University and a former high school teacher, begins his opinion article, titled “Pretend Gun Laws,” with:

Although gun control proponents call all homicides “murder,” they are not.

He continues,

…Americans use guns to protect themselves everyday in this country, even though they do not always kill somebody. At present there is no scientific agreement that restrictive firearms regulations and laws have had any effect on gun violence.

Commenters have chimed in refuting Harrison’s claims.

“The Supreme Court has rules [sic] over and over against that the 2nd Amendment is not without limits, and gun control IS Constitutional,” said one commenter under the name of Rob.

The op-ed came amid federal, state and local attention on gun control following the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut. The Montgomery County Council on Jan. 22 passed a resolution calling for increased gun control measures at the state level.

What do you think? What gun control measures are acceptable, if any?



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