5 Reasons Music Education Is Important

Suzana Basaric-Ilic, award-winning music teacher at Potomac Elementary School, shares her insight about the importance of a music education to children.

Suzana Basaric-Ilic was one of for outstanding accomplishments as a public school music teacher. As a recipient of the “Yale Distinguish Music Educator Award,” this teacher is passionate about music education.

In a time when many schools are looking for ways to cut back, often at the expense of music education, Basaric-Ilic shared five reasons she thinks music education is an important addition in the public school system.

Here’s why Basaric-Ilic said music education should be here to stay:

1. Music education should be a part of a general education in everybody’s life.

2. Music is not an isolated area of study. It is always connected to many other subject areas. Through exploring music students can find natural connections to social studies, mathematic, science, reading, writing, visual and other performing arts.

3. Children have many different learning styles. Music provides a way for them to express themselves in a unique way, which motivates their learning and helps build their self confidence.

4. Music is a universal language. It helps children connect to other cultures and understand the world around them.

5. As for another reason that music education is vital to a child's education, Basaric-Ilic quoted Yo-Yo Ma, who she calls "one of the greatest musicians and music educators in the world."

“An education that incorporates the four priorities of making the subject memorable, inspiring passion driven learning, developing a disciplined imagination and fostering empathy will result in citizens who are active participants in shaping a future of which we can all be proud.”

Nusrat Zehra Raza July 23, 2011 at 09:07 PM
Music education must be a part of all children during school. Playing an instrument either as a soloist or as being part of an orchestra, inculcates espirit de corps and encourages children to strive to become high achievers.


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