New Nest, Same Eagles: Community Says Goodbye to Beverly Farms Elementary School

The community says goodbye to Beverly Farms Elementary's "old" school and embraces the new one that will be constructed in the same location.

 has been a staple in Potomac since it was built in 1967, but the community is embracing the new school that will soon take its place.

On Tuesday evening, community members stopped by the school to say their final goodbyes at the "New Nest, Same Eagles Open House." The school will be torn down and rebuilt over the next 18 months.

The addition of technology to the new school is something Principal Dr. Beth Brown said she is looking forward to. The school will have Promethean Boards—which are interactive white boards—as well as ELMO projectors.

"It's very exciting that we will have all this new technology that will really help enhance the school," Brown said.

While it is sad to see the building go, many teachers are anticipating the upgrades, said Renee Moloznik, a second-grade teacher at the school.

"We have lots of memories, lots of friendships and great experiences with students in this school, but it's time to move on to the 21st century," Moloznik said. "We are really looking forward to having more technology and more space for the teachers."

Starting this summer, Beverly Farms Elementary's students and staff will be moving to the Northlake Center, 15101 Bauer Dr. in Rockville. The Northlake Center will be Beverly Farms' home until January 2013, if construction goes as planned, according to the school's website.


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