Mark Shriver Publishes Sargent Shriver Memoirs

Have you read the book? Do you plan to?

Is “r” by Mark Shriver on your summer reading list? 

Released last week, the book tells the story of the relationship between Mark Shriver and , founder of the Peace Corps and architect of President Johnson's War on Poverty. Sargent Shriver.

Marrying into the Kennedy family brought with it a world of expectations, but Sargent Shriver managed to keep his head up under the pressure and his eyes focused, Mark Shriver told The Daily Beast in an interview about the memoir.

“The great thing about him is he didn’t care about his own legacy,” he said. “He never talked about it, because it was never about the past with him. It was always about the future and how exciting the future could be if we worked together. It was eternal optimism.”

Shriver’s account of his father’s life has a 5-star rating on Amazon.com, and mostly positive reviews.

“..It is a book about ‘Growing Up Kennedy’ by someone who actually did,” said Paul Nolan of Bethesda in his review of the book. “The deeper import, however, is Mark Shriver's insight and perspective into the experience and choices his father made for himself, his family and those he worked with and served.”


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